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Easy SQL Server Snapshot Script / Proc

Man!!!! Why is the code to create a database snapshot so ridiculously complicated? Actually, I guess I understand why but how about allowing it to be done through SSMS and then setting a bunch of the parameters as defaults for us? Come on Microsoft! Help a SQL brother out! Well luckily, where Microsoft fails, I'm […]

Find Your SSRS Target Server URL

If you are looking to deploy your SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service) reports directly from Visual Studio you will need to set the Target Server URL in the Properties of your project in the deployment section.  The trick here is that this is not the URL for your Report Manager. What you are in fact […]

How Do I Figure Out My SSRS ReportServer URL If It Is Not The Default?

Don't you love how what should be a simple little tasks can become the most time consuming of the day? While trying to set up Visual Studio so that I could deploy directly to a development server I realized I would need the path to the SSRS ReportServer. Not the Report Manager mind you but […]

How To Set Variables Using The SSIS Execute Package Utility

Yay! There's a GUI to execute SSIS packages! Boo! It's really hard to figure out how to pass variables through it! You may have seen a message that looked something like this: TITLE: SSIS Execution Properties ------------------------------ DTExec: Could not set Package.Variables[User::MyVarA].Value value to Data Source=DevServ1. ------------------------------ BUTTONS: Loading... OK ------------------------------ Here are the three […]

SQL Server T-SQL To GreenPlum PostgreSQL Syntax Cheat Sheet

Here's a quick translation from SQL Server's T-SQL to Pivotal's MPP GreenPlum PostgreSQL for some of the most commonly used syntax (i.e. here's the stuff I've tripped over while moving from SQL to GreenPlum/Postgres) .   Loading... SQL Server - TOP SELECT TOP 100 * FROM MyTable Corresponding PostgreSQL - LIMIT SELECT * FROM my_table […]

Troubleshooting: SSIS Unable to retrieve column information from the data source. Make sure your target table in the database is available.

As soon as I saw this error message I guessed the problem was related to using a temp table. What was surprising was that the error message actually said this but I didn't realize it until by chance I cut and paste the message into another window.  Look below: Do you see the reference to […]

Troubleshooting: SSIS error 0x00084005 “the parameter type cannot be deduced because a single expression contains two untyped parameters @x and @P1”

This is one scary looking error message: SSIS error 0x00084005 "the parameter type cannot be deduced because a single expression contains two untyped parameters @x and @P1" It's terrifying enough to make you think maybe you should quit your SSIS development career altogether. But wait... What's this? Perhaps you're getting this message for the same […]

SSIS: There Are Some Mapping Errors On This Path – Troubleshooting

Dear SQL Server Integration Services Team, Would it be possible to get a more specific error message than "There are some mapping errors on this path"? Your friend, Phil The tricky problem with this error is getting enough information to troubleshoot it. Here's a nice trick for you: Run the package. Wait. What? Why would […]

Scheduling SSIS Packages With JAMS: Simple Not Easy

Scheduling SSIS packages to run via JAMS can be pretty tricky (especially compared to the plug and go of scheduling SSIS with the SQL Server Agent).  Here are a few tips to get you started. Create a command line dtexec for your package to confirm all your parameters and syntax is correct. I like to […]

SQL Server To GreenPlum MPP/Postgres Transition

I'm working with a team building a data warehouse using Pivotal's GreenPlum MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) database which is based on PostgreSQL. Although, all the data modeling basics transition easily from RDBMS to RDBMS there's a bit of a learning curve switching tools and syntax. Listed below are some of the items I've noted during the […]